Tuesday, 22 July 2008

There Is Light And Snot

I have not cried for the last few days! It can't be the "happy pills" working yet as they don't kick in for at least a few weeks so I reckon it is just cos I can see light at the end of the tunnel. My time of the month is over and that makes a huge difference. I am just left with about 10 massive spots on my face which is really attractive...not! I cleaned up my kitchen and lounge which is a start. I decided to do one thing at a time instead of trying to do it ALL!

On another note, we woke up this morning to the door buzzer going and I had totally forgot that the sky man was coming round to install sky plus. I looked a right old state! Mashed up bed head hair, spots not covered with any make-up, boobs hanging as no bra on, top with Kadyn's dribble stains all over it! Hmmm...Nice! Anyway, I let him in and went to get Kadyn out of my bed. I walked back into the lounge chatting away to the guy and then looked at Kadyn....OH.MY.GOD! My child looked like an alien baby!!!! He must of thought she had some kind of skin disfigurement. She had dark green snot all over her face. When I say all over, I mean ALL over!! From above her eyes to under her chin! Thick, dried and crusted SNOT! Totally caked all over her poor little face! I quickly proceeded to remove the snot but it was like flipping green glue stuck to my baby's face! After lots of wet wipes and plenty of tears she finally looked like a human baby again!


syd said...

I can SO relate!

Charlie said...

Sky plus will change your life! Brilliant, i am now addicted to home and away again! I've had the no bra, uncleaned teeth answer door moments, it's not pretty! Concret snot too, nice, devil to get off!
Thanks so much for your comments on my evil nurse, really good to know there is someone out there understanding!

Me said...

Kind of reminds me of the time I was sitting on the couch in my underwear and someone knocked on the door. The door had a glass panel and I was sitting opposite it. I never moved so fast in my life and I didn't answer the door!

Trace :)

mama meji said...

I can just imagine...And yes, I can relate...(and it's not just with a snot!)heheh

Jen said...

What is Sky Plus? Anyways. . . we've all had those days and they are mighty embarrassing. It's sad that those days are more often than not around my house!