Friday, 25 July 2008

Back in Time No.2 (15 years old)

20th October 1990
I'm in love! Me and mum went down to Yorkshire on Friday for Alison and Paul's wedding on Saturday. At the disco afterwards I had a right laugh. Paul is in the navy and 12 of his navy mates were supposed to be there but 6 of them had to go to the gulf, so there were only 6 at the disco. Paul is 24 but all his mates were different ages. I fancied this one called Robby or Bobby, I'm not sure which one, but this girl Rachel was dancing with him. Then all the other blokes were talking to me. Someone dropped £5 on the floor so I asked Robby's mate if it was his. All of them were pissed then him and Robby put their arms around me and said to keep it, so I did.

I danced from 7.30pm till 1am in the morning. The last song was "you will never walk alone" and one of the sailors said "would you care to dance?". I got up and we danced. He goes "How come ya not drunk?". I was a bit but I went and said "Dunno me mum would kill me" and he said "Why? under age drinking?" and I go "yeah suppose". He laughed and said "How old are ya?" and I said "15" and he said "Oh god you will get me in trouble". At the end of the night he said "I'd kiss you goodnight but I can't". I said "Why not?". He looked at me and smiled and then....he kissed me (Heaven) It was lovely.

I've decided to get married now! Hopefully to a sailor! One problem is I don't know how old this bloke was or what his name is. I think he is about 20 and I found out his name from Jackie. It was "Muppet". That is his nickname. I am in love. I really wanna know what his real name is and how old he is. I wanna get off with him. He is really nice. I hope I see him again. I don't know how I am going to but I hope I do.Maybe if Alison and Paul get a kid and it gets christened. I LOVE HIM! I can't stop thinking about him.

23rd October 1990
I'm lying on my bed thinking about him. I can't stop, I think my brain is going to burst! I wanna be older than I am. I wanna be his girlfriend. I really wanna see him again.


I know this sounds stupid but I don't wanna be friends with my age lot and I wanna live up north. All my mates are druggies and don't care about people.up north they care about people!

Reading back through all my diary entries, no wonder my mum was obsessed with me "doing IT". She used to go on and on about "IT" and I used to get really annoyed but now I kinda see why. I CONSTANTLY talked about boys! I fancied a different flipping boy almost every other day! All I wrote about was BOYS! I didn't actually lose my big V until I was 17 so she really had nothing to worry about but I sure can see why she was!

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mama meji said...

I hate to admit this but I have written lots of entries in my journal about boys, too! Argh!