Friday, 11 July 2008

New Neighbours

Gypsies have moved into my back garden!!!!!!! There are about 5 caravans and a bloody noisy generator and 10 dirty kids with no shoes on running around the place ! The police have been out to them but it usually takes about 2 weeks to move them on as you have to get court orders and stuff. They have already been scouting around in our communal back garden for stuff they can take. I have had to bring my nice bird feeder in as they usually take metal stuff as they can get good money for metal. They asked my next door neighbours if they could have the kids bike and football! Cheeky little mites. They are known for leaving behind a lot of rubbish and the generator they have got running is really noisy. I thought a helicopter was hovering over my flat at first until I realised what it was!

OK, so this pic is a bit of an exaggeration but I'm sure if my new neighbours weren't moved on soon this is what my back garden would look like in a few months. At the moment there are about 4 of the little orange ones on the right hand side of the picture and 1 yellow one in the middle!

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Jen said...

HOLY CRAP! I hope they are gone soon! I so have to say I LOL'd at your Cheeky little mites comment! LOVE IT! I say Cheeky ALL THE TIME!