Thursday, 24 July 2008

Back In Time No.1 (Just Turned 15 years old)

10th September 1990
It was my birthday today! Everybody tried to throw me in the grunden and the pond but I screamed so they didn't bother. I had an argument with Amanda but we made up. I got some really nice presents and my dad remembered to send me a card. I'm having a party on Saturday (woo sexy). I think I fancy Scott (he is a bit of a prick though).

11th September 1990
I had a massive argument with my mum. She said I wasn't aloud alcohol there when she had said I could and she said she was going to stay in (stupid cow) But.....I made up with her and she said she would supply some (better than nothing).

19th September 1990
I've been off school today and yesterday because I have a cold. My party was a right laugh. I got pissed along with everyone else. In the end there was about 50 people there. Karen got paryletic. She threw up all over my mums bed and carpet and my presents. My mum was great she bought loads of cider and we all had a right laugh! I fancy: ? I like a lot:Richard,Ricky,Scott.W. I'm going to school tomorrow (Boo) Talk to ya lata!

Can you believe I called my mum a cow?! Sorry mum! I can't imagine allowing Kadyn to get pissed on her 15th birthday either, poor girl aint going to be aloud out until she is at least 25!! LMAO :o)


mama meji said...

Until 25?!!!! Hehehe. Now wait a minute, mom....

It also give me some kicks to read my old journals. But sometimes when I read them, I feel like hiding *shame, shame*

Me said...

Haha! this reminds me so much of the diary I kept when I was 15. Mind you, I had to be careful what I wrote because my Mum always found the damn thing!!! :)