Saturday, 16 July 2016

Nutter Moment

So it is Saturday morning and I'm waiting for my first drink, a cup of tea! I can't wait!

I will be honest and I have to admit that on Thursday night and Friday day/night I was thinking I was going to die! Dramatic I know but I honestly felt like utter shite! You have to have these blow up things on each leg to stop you having a blood clot and they blow up and down a bit like having your blood pressure taken every 10 seconds. You can only take them off to go to the loo or for a little walk. They are attached to the machine so when you are in bed you are literally tied to the bed with them. I felt like a loonie being restrained on the bed!

The worst part of the whole thing for me was the drain tube that goes down your nose, through your throat and into your tummy. It literally felt like I had two fingers stuck down my throat which of course makes me heave and retch which is the one thing you are not supposed to do when you have just had 80% of your stomach removed and stitched up! Plus each time I heave I pee my pants! Joys of having a child! I had to have that tube in for 6 hours and they were honestly the longest 6 hours of my life! I have never sat so still, trying very very hard not to swallow! When the nurse finally took that out, although it stung a bit, it was the best feeling! I could actually swallow without puking!

The next shitty bit was the fact you are not aloud to get into bed to sleep it off as you have been knocked out you need to get your lungs working again and also make sure you don't get a blood clot so you have to sit in a tall chair. I was soooooooo desperate to sleep and lay down. Probably a mixture of fibro, ME and the op all put together. I was so relieved when the nurse finally said I could go to bed at 7pm!

BUT......... by  the time you get into bed, the nurse attaches your feet to the pump things, covers you in blankets and you finally get comfy ........ you need to pee! Not a little pee either, like "I'm bursting for a pee" kinda pee! You can't get out of bed cos you are attached with your feet so you have to call for the nurse. You get all unattached and drag you fluid/pain/drip thing to the loo and you pee on a cardboard box cup thing as they have to measure how much you are peeing to make sure you are not dehydrated. Then you go through the whole mission of getting back into bed and getting all hooked up again. You get comfy and try to get to sleep....two mins later.... you need to pee! Argh!!!!! This went on all night long!!! At this point I actually thought to myself that I must be a complete and utter nutter as I had actually paid someone thousands of pounds to do this to me!!!!! I cried!

I must have got about half an hours kip! Friday was horrible. You have to sit in the chair all day long apart from when you have to do a little walk around the wards to try to get rid of the wind and get your body working properly again. You are so tired from not sleeping all night yet once again you are not aloud into bed as they want to keep you moving so you don't get a blood clot. I know they are being cruel to be kind but it is horrible sitting next to a bed when you are so exhausted and you are not aloud in it!

Friday night I finally got some sleep!! I don't know whether they give you less fluids but I wasn't peeing every 5 minutes so that was a relief. I woke up Saturday morning and thought "wow, I actually feel human again" Considering how shite I felt the night before the turn around was amazing!

Mr. Kelly came to see me, he said all went well and I was aloud to go home about 2pm after I had some clear soup for lunch!

Called my mum and she is coming to get me! Yay!!!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Op Day!!!

So, I'm at the hospital in my lovely room at The Spire in Southampton. I had to be here for 6am so we left about 4.30am. Had a bit of a panic as Rudy was late and his silly phone isn't working properly so couldn't get hold of him. I was in my car and about to drive myself when he called to say he wasn't far off so thankfully he drove me down here, got me all settled in and then went off to work. So happy I finally found such a good one! Well worth the wait! :)

The nurse has just given me a tablet to relax me and a pain tab in preparation and just had all my obs done etc.. I've lost 7 lbs since starting the Liver Reducing Diet a week ago so that is Fab! Apparently I'm first into theatre so I'm well chuffed about that too! Just waiting for the surgeon Mr. Kelly to come and see me and then it's all systems go!!!!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Got a Date!!!!

So my surgery day is July 14th!!! I am definitely more excited than nervous but I'm sure that may change as time goes on..... Now to read all about the diet I will need to follow post sleeve. I have joined about 5 forums on facebook all with people that have either had a bypass or sleeve or are due to have one so I'm learning all about the good and the bad bits so I'm prepared and know what to expect and can deal with it better.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


So last night I had my consultation at Nuffield Health in Southampton with Mr. Kelly the surgeon that will perform my Sleeve Gastrectomy.

He  said he had patients who have fibro and some of them stayed the same, some got worse and some got much better so I know it isn't going to completely fix that, unless I'm one of the lucky ones.

We went through the difference with a Sleeve and a Bypass and he said the Sleeve would be the best option for me which is good as after reading tonnes of material, that's the option I was going for too!

He said he should be able to fit me in in a few weeks! Excited!!!

I'm going to be paying it off over the next 2 years so will be absolutely skint BUT hopefully I won't be spending half as much on food! ;)

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Tomorrow I start my journey to become healthy! So much has happened health wise over the last few years. My fibro kinda took over, I was diagnosed with ME and I went through CAT therapy which was brilliant but at the same time they changed my anti-depressant to Duloxetine (cymbalta) and it was NOT a good all! It was great for a few weeks and then I went down hill, so instead of taking me off it, they upped the dose! This happened twice until I was on 60mg!!!

My blood pressure went up, my pain increased, my fatigue increased and I felt like shit! My mum had a stroke in 2015 and was put on another concoction of drugs and all of a sudden I though "That's me!, that's where I'm heading with high blood pressure, I'm gonna end up having a heart attack or a stroke"! My eating as usual was out of control and it consumed my life. What was I gonna eat next was all I could think about so of course my weight continued to go up!

I don't know what the final trigger was exactly but I realised I had to do something and it had to be something permanent and it needed to be done now!

I booked a consultation to see a surgeon on June 13th about Weight Loss Surgery!

And so the journey begins!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Time Flies!!!!

So, I thought I hadn't blogged for a long time but I had no idea just how long it had been! My last post was October 2012!!!! Seen as it is now June 2016 I'm completely shocked!!!

Anyhooooo..... I am about to make one of the biggest changes in my life in the next few days so watch this space!