Thursday, 14 July 2016

Op Day!!!

So, I'm at the hospital in my lovely room at The Spire in Southampton. I had to be here for 6am so we left about 4.30am. Had a bit of a panic as Rudy was late and his silly phone isn't working properly so couldn't get hold of him. I was in my car and about to drive myself when he called to say he wasn't far off so thankfully he drove me down here, got me all settled in and then went off to work. So happy I finally found such a good one! Well worth the wait! :)

The nurse has just given me a tablet to relax me and a pain tab in preparation and just had all my obs done etc.. I've lost 7 lbs since starting the Liver Reducing Diet a week ago so that is Fab! Apparently I'm first into theatre so I'm well chuffed about that too! Just waiting for the surgeon Mr. Kelly to come and see me and then it's all systems go!!!!

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