Monday, 12 November 2007


It is 8.45pm and I'm wishing it was 9.45 so I don't feel so lame for wanting to go to bed so early. I LOVE my sleep, I have wicked dreams, they are exciting and funny and sometimes if I wake up in the middle of one to pee, I think about my dream over and over again, so when I get back into bed I can drift off back into the same dream.


For someone who talks a lot, all of a sudden I'm stumped. Trying to think of what to write...trying to write something interesting or funny and now it's dawned on me....I'm always TRYING to impress or please or satisfy or something or other, someone else. Who cares if it is boring or not funny? ME! and why? ....I'm not sure yet but maybe by writing down my feelings or thoughts or as I call them...waffles, I will find out why I care so much what everyone else thinks - cos believe me I wish I didn't!