Friday, 12 June 2009

The Wind In My Hair........LOL

Boring Boring Boring.....

OK, please see post below from Monday 12th January!! I might as well just cut and paste it - how annoying is that! 6 months on and I can say exactly the same thing all over again. So, basically I have done CRAP over the last 6 months....yes.....6 freakin months and now I'm saying the same old boring thing again about the same old boring diet. Day 1 (again) and yes I have managed to stay within my points! I am hoping that one day when I say this same old boring stuff that I will actually have the will power to STICK to it and that in 6 months time I am SLIM!!!! Other people do it so why the hell can't I just get my arse into gear and DO IT too!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, rant over LOL xx