Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Pounds AND inches.....going going going!!

Another 3.6 pounds gone so that is a total of 15.2 pounds all together which is over a stone! That's in just 3 weeks! Feels like about 3 years though I have to say! (a stone is 14 pounds for you USA bods that don't know). So that is my first stone GONE!! So, if I can do that well and I have not been perfect on it, just think what I could do if I stuck to the rules 100% and WAS perfect! So, that's what I'm gonna try to do this week!!

Oh, and inches!! We got measured again this week and I have lost a whopping 6 1/2 inches off my waist. Another 2 1/2 off my bust and also 2 off my hips!! Excellent !!!!!!!!

I also got my self respect back and sorted out my love life! I am officially young free and PROPERLY single. Got rid of half hearted substitutions and feel so much better now :o) I was hanging on to ifs buts and maybes and felt like my life was on hold waiting for someone else to make their mind up! No longer!! I made MY mind up instead!! I know it is gonna be a bit of a tough road now and then but right now I'M COOL and feel POSITIVE :o)


Me said...

yeeha!!! that's awesome results you're getting! Well done!! :)

Yay for being cool and positive! That's fantastic. :)


Jen said...

WOW, CONGRATS!!! I'd love to lose just over a stone, especially that quickly! (I looked up the stone conversion awhile back when you started posting about weight loss as I was completely lost as to what you were trying to lose, etc.) Anyways, the weight gone is awesome, not to mention the inches! Wow, you must look fantastic!!! Oh and congrats for taking the stand and taking out the what ifs and maybes. You're a beautiful woman with a GORGEOUS little girl. You'll find a terrific man, I just know it! :)