Sunday, 8 June 2008

One Step, Two Steps....

I did some exercise! I went over to mums and we went to dinton pastures which has some lovely lakes that you can walk round. It was really sunny and there were lots of people out having picnics and stuff. We walked round the whole BIG lake which is about 3 miles I think! Mum has a bad back too but it is something different to mine and she finds it easier to walk slower where I find it better if I really strut and go quite fast so that is a bit difficult. I sometimes strut off ahead of her and then strut back to her as we go around. Anyway - I am proud that I got off my fat bum and did some EXERCISE! Yay Hay!!!!!!

Daddy just called to say he is on his way. He was meant to have Kadyn back by 6 but he is never on time! Looking forward to seeing her :o)

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Jen said...

Great job! It's so wonderful to see you posting again! I've missed reading your posts! Thanks for the motivation! I need to go exercise! :)