Saturday, 14 June 2008

I Must Be Getting Old!

You know what? I must be getting old as I've really got into bird watching! I love it when a new kind of bird lands on my feeder and I get all excited wondering what he is. My friend came over for lunch the other day and we were sat watching the wildlife and she announced "ooooh, you have a nut hatch on your feeder!" Apparently they are quite rare. I proceeded to tell her all about my woodpecker and thrush family as my squirrels came over and peered into my lounge - I love it! It is like a little wildlife haven, that is until the devil black cat comes round trying to kill everything. Don't get me wrong, I love cats! I love animals in general, they are much nicer than humans if you ask me! BUT, I don't like THIS cat! I stand at my patio doors yelling at him to go away and he just looks at me as if I'm mad. My neighbours probably think I am mad but anyway, that's not the point. He just stares at me then carries on trying to KILL things! The other week I looked into the garden and one of my squirrels was sunbathing on his back with all his legs stuck up in the air! He was of course DEAD! I went over and picked him up and put him inside the bushes. My mum said I should put him in the bin but I just couldn't do that, that seemed awful to put him in with all the rubbish, poor little thing. Anyway, without wanting to go into too much detail, it was death caused by eye removal. One eye was just missing! So, I have been trying to work out who the murderer was. I have 2 suspects. The first is a huge nasty big crow who goes around bullying all the other birds and chasing the squirrels when they get some bread. The second one is the devil cat! Or they could be in it together!! The cat does the killing and the crow does the eye removal! Until I know the culprit, they are both not in my good books! I know the whole thing about innocent until proven guilty but hey, they are both mean and nasty dudes!

So, I only have 3 squirrels in my tree now. I had to buy some squirrel proof bird feeders cos they chewed my plastic ones to bits when their nuts ran out trying to get into the birds stash!

My friend Jez came over last night and I was showing him pictures of Kadyn and he saw the pics of my squirrels and birds and was all concerned as to why I was taking pictures of "animals". "It's just a squirrel" he repeated about 10 times! Anyhoo, I know it is JUST a squirrel and JUST a bird but I like them, I like them a lot!


Me said...

Aww how cool!! That's great you have little animal visitors. :) At my brothers farm you could wake up of a morning, look out the patio door and see kangaroos. It was too cool. :) One morning I woke up though and looked out the window to see a dingo stalking one of the dogs! Not so cool! :)
Loved the pics, they are too cute. :)


the supermama said...

OMG this is my favorite post ever, you are SO FUNNY. I love it. And I love the pictures. LOL, I am cracking up how cute are you!?

Jen said...

You are TOO CUTE! What a fun post! I love the pics as well! I wish I had something like that in my backyard!

mama meji said...

Love the candidness of this post. Anyway, I can just imagine how things must be around your place. It sounds wonderful -having squirrels and birds around.

BTW, we have a very bad kitty at I don't think it's just one..there could be a couple or more of them...and they are killing my father's chicks!