Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Only 13 More!

One week down only 13 more weeks to go. I have decided to narrow it down a bit more so it doesn't seem like quite such a hurdle. Just taking 1 month at a time! I MISS food, not cos I'm hungry as I'm not at all but just cos I miss food. I MISS eating! Anyway, I had 2 tiny hiccups but instead of it completely cocking up the diet or turning them into major hiccups, I drew a line under them and moved on and I have lost a whopping total of 8.8 pounds in ONE week!!! I am drinking about 3 litres of water but will try this week to get that up to 4 litres.

When you get to class each week you have to fill in a sheet to say which milkshakes,soups or bars you want for the following week. There is banana,chocolate,caramel,raspberry,strawberry and vanilla milkshake. Chicken,mushroom or Thai soup and about 3 different bars. The bars taste the same as far as I'm concerned and just taste like chewy powder yukiness. The chicken soup isn't that bad, just tastes like normal cupasoup which I'm also not a huge fan of. You have to have 4 things a day so 28 in total. Most people's lists are very varied with different flavoured shakes and soups and a bar each day (you can only have 1 bar a day). My list was easy! 22 vanilla shakes and 6 choc ones please! (and even then I only ordered chocolate ones cos I didn't want everyone to think I was a total loon!) I am definitely an all or nothing person. That is my personality all over. Do something obsessively for a week or 2 until I can't stand it anymore. Then stay off it for a while then all of a sudden back on it obsessively. Why can't I just do a little of everything??? LOL Anyway, I'm waffling again!

So, I'm 8.8 pounds lighter than I was last week - Wooooooooo Hoooooooooo! I actually feel much better too, not as tired all the time.

Better go as Loola has got the hang of crawling more than 3 steps forwards now and is on her way into the kitchen!!!


Me said...

Wow!!! That's amazing! Well done! :) I did something similar here except that there were some fruit, veg and protein you were allowed to eat. I lost alot in a short amount of time and have been thinking about going back to it. I just don't know if I can give up dairy food! :)

Trace :)

Kellan said...

Congratulations on the weight loss - WOW!

I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. See you soon.