Friday, 13 June 2008

No More 13!!!

I am no longer 13 stone something, I am now 12 stone something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am NEVER going to be 13 stone something EVER again!!!! I am not going to update my weight ticker wotsit until my official weigh in next week but I think I have lost another pound according to MY scales!! Love It!!!! I was feeling a bit deflated with the whole thing the other day and then I watched a programme on the TV about big babies. Babies that were born to obese women and the babies were a whole stone when they were born! One was 15 pounds!!! Poor baba's!! Then the mums were feeding them whole bags of chips and junk food. One baby was having a pint of milk every 2 hours!!! The mums seemed to think it was funny but I just felt awful! Those poor little baba's don't stand a chance! Anyway, it set me right back into the right frame of mind - I'm on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo Hoooo!


Kellan said...

YIPPIE for being on a roll - way to go. It sounds like you are doing everything right.

Have a a good weekend - see you soon. Kellan

the supermama said...

You go girl, you can do anything you put your mind to. And most of all, remember we love you no matter how many stones (I have no idea what a stone is). ;-) Love you! xoxo

Me said...

That's so great!!! I'm so excited for you! Heck, you've given me motivation to get back into it!!! :)


Jen said...