Sunday, 8 June 2008

Day 5 Of Lighter Life

Well, amazingly, I'm NOT hungry! No FOOD for the last 4 days! You would think on 530 calories a day I would be STARVING but I'm not. The milkshakes add up to 530 cals by the way just in case I started to confuse you. Your body goes into ketosis which means it uses the energy in the FAT you have stored in your body and believe me I have enough of it so I'm feeling COOL! I didn't drink as much as I should have yesterday so today I am on a mission to do better with the water AND do some exercise!!!!! My back feels much better this morning so gonna finish my cleaning now and then jump in the shower and head on over to my mums. Daddy will bring Kadyn home tonight so I have the day to myself and I'm sure she is having lots of fun with her Daddy.

Water, Water, Water............................................

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mama meji said...

You're baaack!

Welcome back.

How have you been? I hope life's treating you well and that everyone in your family esp your daughter is doing great. I totally understand about the blogging break and keeping mum about things in your life. What matters to me is that you are well, your daughter is well and that things are working out just fine out there.

P.S. Hope you'll enjoy the time you have for yourself. That's precious.