Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dodgy Knee & A Few Odd People

Yesterday I went to the hospital to meet with the consultant about my dodgy knees. My doctor said I would need to have key-hole surgery on my right knee but the consultant said he didn't think it would make it any better. He is sending me for an MRI scan to see if there is anything else they can do. I literally have to pull myself up stairs with the hand rails. I have joined a gym and have an exercise plan all in place so hopefully that will help strengthen the muscles around my knees.

I had to take Loola to the hospital with me as I had nobody to look after her. I was also a bit peeved off as she was supposed to start baby signing classes in the morning and my hospital appointment was meant to be in the afternoon but last week they called to say they had swapped clinics around and I had to go in the morning or wait until June! Anyways.....I'm waffling again!

I sign in at reception and take a seat in the waiting room. All of a sudden out of nowhere this late 50's, early 60's, greasy haired, overweight lady appeared. Her clothes were hanging off her and she was dragging a wheeled shopping bag. She stuck her face right up to Loola and said "You are beautiful and have lovely big eyes". I have to admit that for a minute I wished she would go away. I felt a bit embarrassed by her. I told myself not to judge and not to care what everyone else thought and I listened to her. She told me all about her 3 grown up kids and her grandchildren and the fact that she doesn't see them very often as her children won't bring them over to see her. She lives at home caring for her hubby in a wheel chair, has 3 dogs and buys something from the charity shop in the hospital every time she comes. We chatted away for quite a while and then she noticed another baby and off she went to tell them the same story. She was obviously lonely and I'm glad I had a little chit chat with her.

So, I'm still sitting in the waiting room and all of a sudden a nurse hands me a numbered card and tells me to go to X Ray. X Ray! Nobody said anything about an X Ray - what am I meant to do with my baby while I'm having an X Ray????? So, I asked the nurse just that question. "Well you can't take her in with you can you" was the nurses answer. Da Err!!!! I knew that thank you very much! With an "oh my god what do I do now" look on my face, she said "I will watch her at reception for you". So, my name got called and the nurse came to get Loola asking me "Where is your handbag? Can you take it with you please as I do not want to be responsible for it!" and off she whisked Loola and I got dragged into the X Ray room. OH.MY.GOD! you don't want to be responsible for my handbag but you are responsible for my child! Something felt all wrong. I'm sure I was only in the X Ray room for a few minutes but it felt like ages and all the time I was worrying about Loola left all alone with the strange nurse. You know how some people are just normal, nice people - she didn't come across as one of those normal kinds that just make you feel comfy. There was something odd about her. She didn't really want to watch Loola, and to be fair to her, she shouldn't have to BUT I still let her take her. Anyway....My X Ray was done and Loola was fine, not a peep out of her, I thanked the nurse and was on my way!

I had a chat with the consultant and while I waited in another waiting room for my MRI details I met another Odd Soul. Crazy Hazy was his name. Well his real name was Gary. I had seen him in the X Ray department and actually thought he was drunk. He was loud and his shoelaces were trailing behind him. The nurse that ended up watching Loola was trying to get him to do them up. I think he was in his 40's, long scruffy hair with tatoo's all the way up his arms and all over his hands. He did look like a bit of a ruffian. There I go judging again. Anyway, when I came out of the consultants there he was again. Rocking back and forwards on the chair, talking to himself.

I started to feed Kadyn her bottle while he proceeded to tell me that he was scared. He just wanted to get out of the hospital. He kept saying "Gary don't be silly, you mustn't act like this". He then told me he used watch football a lot and fight all the time, showing me some of his upper cut jab punches. From what he told me he was obviously a bit of a footie hooligan in his younger years and there he was telling me he was frightened to have another operation on his knee cos he had already had quite a few. He went off on one telling me how good all the nurses are to him and how brilliant the NHS is but that he just wanted to go home. I told him not to be scared and that he could go before me if he wanted to. He smiled and said he was just waiting for a document to be signed and then he could go home. I told him that when I get really worried or upset I rock too, it must be a comfort thing. "You don't think I'm mad then?" he said. "People call me Crazy Hazy cos they all think I'm nuts". The nurse came out and handed him the signed document and told him he could go home. He apologised to me and said he hoped he hadn't scared my baby. Again, I'm glad I had a little chit chat with him too!!!

So, now I'm just waiting for the MRI appointment to come through so I can get my knee scanned...........

Lesson: Don't judge people by their appearance. Even if they are a bit odd, they might just need someone to talk to!


Pam said...

well you were certainly a blessing to those people today. Good for you. Sorry about the x-ray issue though. That would have freaked me too! Sorry about the knee too!

Me said...

I know what you mean! I'm always the one talking to old ladies at the bus stop. They usually ask for the time and then can't stop chatting - I let them go because I can tell they are lonely.


mama meji said...

I agree. Sometimes the nicest thing to do is listen to others - because maybe an ear is what they needed most.

Hope everything goes well with the MRI.

BTW, I also feel not comfortable with stranger getting too near my son.

Jen said...

Just stopping by to say hello and check on how you're doing?

Jen said...

It was great to have you stop by!!! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. . . ? I keep coming back here and don't see a new post. I need to remember you have your other blog and head over there. . . I'm on my way :)