Friday, 11 April 2008

Flaunt It Friday #3

Today we have to flaunt 5 of our favourite things. I have loads of favourite things so this was hard to narrow it down to 5 but here goes. I don't have much time either so I am doing mine with photo's.

1. My Bed and my Body Pillow - I LOVE sleeping and curling up all comfy cosy in my bed. I can't actually sleep properly without my body pillow! I had to buy a second one to keep at my mums for when I stay over there. I wrap my legs around it and it helps straighten out your back if you sleep on your side - it goes in between my legs (no giggling!).... I LOVE it!!!

2. Candles - I have a candle fetish - Well, actually I have a candle and light fetish - I just love ambient light. I have a whole cupboard FULL of candles.

3. Pictures - My house is full of photo's! There are photo's stuck on the walls in EVERY room in my house. They used to be of me and my friends but now they are ALL of Little Loola ;o)

4. My Big Red Painting - I painted it!! I designed it and painted it all by my little old self :o) It even has tiny red lights all the way round it which look so nice in my burgundy bedroom.

5. My IPod - dunno what I would do without all my tunes!

If you play don't forget to go over and sign Mr.Linky at Taken With A Grain Of Salt!


themommykelly said...

Thanks for playing Flaunt It Friday! I especially love your original painting. Beautiful. And the pictures of little Loola. She is a doll. I love photographs as well. Best of luck with finding a hall.

Melanie said...

I love the pictures of Loola. I have lots of photos up of Hailey too.

Me said...

I love your pictures and painting! :) I have to get me one of those body pillows too. My sister bought one when she was pregnant last and I've been wanting one since she told me how great they are. :)


Lambira said...

I may have to try the Flaunt it Friday thing.. although I just don't feel very flaunty lately and I am traveling to London for business. You seem vaguely british. maybe I'll see you on the street!

mama meji said...

You painted! Wow that's great!