Saturday, 19 April 2008

Kez's Easter Visit

Easter half term, my special buddie Kez came down to see us. She has been going through some hard times lately and still is bless her. She was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma cancer of the soft tissue last year. You can read more about her story here. The first night she was down we stayed up almost all night listening to music, drinking wine and catching up on everything that has been going on in both our lives. I am rubbish at doing make up but Kez is really good so she did my face up and then we took loads of silly pictures together. Kez has always had this sexy pout that she does a bit like posh spice. She tried to get me to do it but I just looked like I was ready to beat someone up - she looked sexy and I looked angry! I tried her specs on and couldn't see a freakin thing but I think I look quite sophisticated with glasses! We had a good old laugh which was much needed by both of us :o)

See here for more updates on the Dowell's Easter visit.

Kez - I love you!

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