Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ironing - YUK!

So, I'm catching up reading my friends blogs as I've been having a blogging break (I'll write more about that tomorrow). Anyway, I was reading Melanie's posts when I came across this one. Melanie and I are so much alike, it's unreal! It would be great if she lived in England as I think we would get on really well. Check out her post - I SO hear what she is saying.

This is my ironing pile!!! I HATE ironing so much, I tend to wait until there is nothing else left in my wardrobe to wear and then have a mad all day long ironing spree. Usually once every 2 weeks ish, depending how much Little Loola and I have gone out. We tend to stay in PJ's if we are lounging around the home. Lazy I know - but so much comfier and creates less washing/ironing and makes more time for PLAYING :o) I also have this weird OCD kinda thing where I can't put un-ironed things away in the drawers or wardrobes! I couldn't iron something to wear each day - I have friends that do that each morning - that would DO MY HEAD IN!! am I weird??? Yeah, I think I am but that's just me ;o) Why don't I just do it once a week, then it wouldn't take me all day!


Pam said...

I hate to iron too. Hubby's work shirts always need ironing and I hate it.

Melanie said...

I do not iron. Ever. If my clothes are wrinkled I throw them into my dryer. If that doesn't get the wrinkles out, I will re-wash the clothes. Yup, I'm lazy.