Monday, 10 March 2008

Meme Monday #2

It's time for Meme Monday, where we save up our memes and awards and post them on Mondays. Then I go over to Melanie's Blog and sign Mr. Linky so that we can all visit each other.


I received this award from KC for commenting on her post, thank you KC!

I received these from Foster Me Up for being one of the first 10 to comment on her post, thank you :o)

Pam over at Random Thoughts had this award up for grabs so I grabbed it ;o)

Pam also got tagged to do the Top Five Hottest Blog Meme and she chose me, yes me as one of her top 5! I am so chuffed - I just called my mum to tell her :o) Thank you so much Pam - it really means a lot to me!!



I was having a look at Cricket's Hearth blog and saw this Book Meme.

Here are the rules.
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag some people & post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

So here goes:

I smiled from ear to ear, as I jumped into her arms and held her tightly. As she ran her hand through my hair, I began to cry. Mother cried too, and I began to feel that my bad times were finished.

This book and the ones that follow it are truly inspiring ! If you haven't read them, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease do!

A Child Called IT - Dave Pelzer

His brother Richard Pelzer has also written 2 books which are just as good!

As for tagging 5 people, I would like to tag 5 people participating in Meme Monday who have not already participated in making a Book Meme. So, if you are reading this and haven't done it....give it a go and let me know so I can come check it out :o)



Pam at Random Thoughts chose me as one of her top 5 blogs and then tagged me to do the same meme so here are my top 5 :o)


1. Simply choose five blogs you want to be included in your “top five list”.
2. Give a short line or explanation why you put them on your list. One explanation for each blog.
3. Now tag as many blogs as you want.You can also tag those blogs you have listed in your TOP FIVE….you can also put your own blog in your list if you want
4. For those who have been tagged, you can also vote for a blog that has been nominated already (besides,this is what this meme is intended for,to know how many bloggers will nominate your blog)
5. Submit your TOP FIVE HOTTEST BLOG ENTRY here .
(Submitted blogs will be the only one to be included in the tally)
6. Remember:Submissions of entries starts from MARCH 1 2008 to MARCH 25 2008 and top five hottest blog winners will be announced on MARCH 29 2008
7. Enjoy listing your top five!!!

1. Syd from Singlesupermama - she is a very special friend that looked after me when I moved to Seattle when I was about 15. We went to the same school together for a few months until I moved back to England - I love her! She is SINGLE and she is SUPER! She is a fantastic mummy and so so funny - check out her blog!

2. Pam from Random Thoughts - I really enjoy her blog, she is random just like me and very down to earth and honest. She says it how it is and I love that. She leaves lovely comments on my posts which really cheer me up and she chose me as one of her top 5 which I think is just fab seen as she has so many to choose from :o) ooooh, and she is really helpful with computery kinda stuff and all my random questions!

3. Melanie from Livin With Me - She is also a really helpful chick and we seem to have lots in common. She has cool stuff on her blogs that I keep pinching - I like all ther little quizzes and memes and if if wasn't for Melanie and her Meme Monday I wouldn't have met all these other cool bliggy bloggy people.

4. Nathan from Confessions Of A CF Husband - I love his story about his family. I log on daily to check how they are all doing. Little baby Gwyneth is just gorgeous and is almost 2 pounds!! Tricia is awaiting a double lung transplant and it could be happening soon. Nathan is just AMAZING - he doesn't understand why and that makes him even more amazing! I love them all :o)

5. Jen from Tidbits Of The Tippets - I really enjoy her blog and we both waffle or ramble as she calls it :o) We are both newbies to blogging but are both addicted.

There are many other blogs I love to read - I feel awful not being able to pick everyone :o(

Anyone else wishing to participate, please feel free to do so and ensure that after posting go here and list your 5 nominations.

I tag the above 5 nominees (apart from the ones that have already played) and anybody else who would like to play.



I saw this over at Skittle's Place.....

1. Of all the people you know, whose name suits them the best?

Beanie (one of my best buddies) Her name is Jane really but I call her Beanie. It used to be Janey Bean and then just ended up as Beanie - she IS Beanie - it just suits her.

2. Describe what you think a creature from outer space might look like.
Lime green with a big oval head with huge blue eyes. Little ears on tentacles (tentacles not testicles) ! A cute little button nose and a cheeky little smile but no teeth! All it would say was "meek meek meek meek" and hug people. He also runs everywhere extremely fast! Don't ask me where all that came from - randomness at it's best!

3. If you could control one aspect of your death--except the timing--what would you do?
I would make sure I didn't burn to death - I have a thing about being in a fire - I DON'T want to be in a fire - I don't want to melt!

4. What is the largest amount of money you have earned in one day?
About £160 I think. Double time on a bank holiday :o)

5. Show and Tell - What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
It makes me think - Where do they all get changed? and do they have clothes on under their red robes? How often do they shave their heads? Are they all men? and how nice that they are all coming together and praying (I think they are praying) unless they are doing pilates???????? THE WORLD IS WONDERFUL AND DIVERSE :o) Oh, and if I was one of them I would be hoping the dude in front of me washed his feet LOL ;o)

You can play this at Curious As A Cat.


MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Chuck said...

Isn't the meme monday nice - so you get all your games done all at once? And you're so welcome for the awards - I'm honored that you took then, displayed then, and are happy with them.

Pelzer books - ahhhh yes. I have these posted on my blog as books I have read, am interested in reading and have posted about them as well.

Have a great week. Mine's here if ya wanna stop by:

Skittles said...

lol at where do they all get changed. :)

Skittles said...

Oh and I'd like to invite you to play my weekly meme called Heads Or Tails! You can read all about it in my right sidebar. We usually have about 55 players every week. :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I AM SO HONORED that you would pick me as one of your top 5! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! That means so much to me coming from you especially because I adore your blog!! I'll try and get my top 5 posted asap. Thanks again, I truly appreciate it! :)

Pam said...

I have read all those Peltzer books---boy those are moving stores! I cry buckets of tears everytime I think about it! I am so honored that you called your mom because I picked your blog! You are too sweet and thanks for picking me right back! You had some fun meme's this week!

Melanie said...

Wow! You had a lot to do!! Congrats on your awards. I have ready the Peltzer books- excellent books that always make me cry.

Thank you so much for picking me in your top five. I am so honored that you choose me.

Thanks for playing along!!

Cat. said...

Thanks for stopping by--great answers to ALL the memes! I'm giggling at the smelly feet part of the last one! ;-)