Monday, 18 February 2008

Me & My Buddie Miche

OK, so I know I look possessed but I promise you that I'm not - I just have BIG pupils, I can't help it!! We were off on a night out to Club One in Ascot I think. I have a feeling that this may have also been the night that little babaloola was conceived :o) Hmmmm....then I just thought "nope it can't have been cos Jezza was there that night and he is not in the pic" BUT... he is probably the one taking the pic, I am such a dimbo sometimes! LMAO

I would also like to point out that neither Miche or Jezza took any part in the whole conceiving of Loola thing!!!!!! LMAO even harder now HA HA HA :o)

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the supermama said...

Oh! Look how cute you are!!!