Friday, 29 February 2008

Flaunt It Friday #2

There is no Flaunt It Friday today. I do hope everything is ok over at Taken With A Grain Of Salt. :o(

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livin with me said...

Okay, sorry this is going to be long- but here is the first email I sent you:
If you want more information about the different memes I take part in I'm happy to help you. On Wednesdays I usually do Wordless Wednesday- just post a picture and not write anything. Then you sign Mr. Linky at Then you can visit all of the other participants. The more people you visit, the more comments you will get. Then on Thursdays I do Thankful Thursday- just write a few things you're thankful about from the last week and then sign Mr. Linky at Then again- visit the other participants.

I recently started doing Meme Monday because I am always getting tagged or receiving awards. I have fallen behind in the past in keeping up with posting all of my tags and awards, so I decided that each Monday I would do this. I just started doing it a few weeks ago and do not have a lot of participants yet and I would LOVE it if you joined. If you don't have any tags or awards- let me know where your blog is and I'll tag you with something so you can play along ;) It's a great way to meet new blogging friends.

Let me know if you have any other questions- I am happy to help you out.

And, here is the 2nd email I just sent you today:
You have a couple of choices in giving an award. First- you can wait until someone gives you one and then you can pass that award on. Or, you can create your own award to pass on.
Happy to help!