Tuesday, 19 February 2008


He took your confidence
Your Innocent
He insulted your intelligence
He's wrong
You're right
Stand up and fight
Don't let him crush you
Speak bad of you
Pretend that he loves you
Think that he's above you
His hurt cannot change you
You're protected by an angel
All you have to do
Is believe that this is true
Your smile reflects your mind
A beauty that's so kind
Don't let him in your soul
Your heart he has just stole
You're stronger than you think
Woman stand your ground
Don't stand for this
Just move on
There's real love to be found
No tears are left for him
He's not even trying
What goes around comes around
He's been caught out for his lying
You deserve someone to love you
So wipe your crying eyes
He was a fake
He wasn't real
His love was in disguise

Written by: Me


the supermama said...

Beautiful, and true.

NuttyGal said...

Thank you, I have loads more I am going to try and put up over the next few weeks.

SarahA said...

Have you thought about putting this into two line stanzas? I am thinking, to make the read stronger.