Monday, 14 January 2008

Get out when her lips turn blue!... Are you barmy?

OK, so it was swimming lesson number 2 this morning which lasted all of 5 minutes because the pool water was Sooooooooooo cold! Last week the water was too hot but as far as I'm concerned, it was lovely. This week it was freezing! They are having problems with the thermostat apparently and have been since before Christmas! At this very moment I am trying to get a refund on the swimming course so we can go and do a different one somewhere else. Somewhere where the changing room floor is not filthy and sticky! Somewhere where there is more than ONE baby changing table as it is a class specifically for babies, yes babies as opposed to ONE baby! Somewhere where the teacher spends more time talking to the class about swimming than talking to one of the mums in the pool about the school run. I figured they must know each other from the kind of conversations they were having. Somewhere where the teacher actually gets in the pool with us! Somewhere where the teacher doesn't say "The babies probably won't stay in the pool for more than 10 minutes, let me know if their lips turn blue, it is their lips you should look at, not their hands".

Considering how cold it was, I'm surprised she didn't cry when we got in the water. She kinda had this blank look on her face as if to say, "Am I supposed to enjoy this mummy?". Her little lips started to shiver and that was it. "I'm flipping freezing so she must be freezing, her lips are shivering, we are getting out!" I announced. The teacher said we should speak to the manager as the pool was cold AGAIN! It seems like this is a regular occurrence - I was not impressed!

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