Saturday, 19 January 2008

Amazing! - There is HOPE out there :o)

I should be going to bed but I can't stop reading this:

This story is truly amazing. It gives me hope, hope in people. It restores my faith in humanity. I wish I had the deep faith that Nathan has. I wish I understood why god does what he does. I often tell myself that everything happens for a reason and it does help me during hard times but I still don't fully understand that reason. I wish I could have a questions and answers session with God so I could truly know the answers to the thousands of questions I have. Like:

Why when you take people do you have to do it in such a cruel, hurtful and painful way sometimes? Why can't they just go quietly to sleep if it is their time to go?

Why can't you take the nasty, horrible, twisted people that are on this earth? and leave behind the nice, kind and thoughtful people?

I just looked at this video too and balled my eyes out. 99 Balloons:

Why does God reveal himself through a tiny sick baby? and why for only 99 days? I just don't understand WHY??? and I really want to. I really want to have TRUE trust and faith in God.

Also, although I believe there is a God, I don't believe that someone that doesn't believe in him won't get into heaven. There are good people from all sorts of religions, we don't all beleive in the same God do we? I don't think he will turn a good person away. I don't think he will say "sorry, you can't come here cos you are a muslim or a buddhist or a hindu" I think as long as you have been a good person on this earth and tried to do your best by other people he will open up the door to you.

I also don't get the whole Jesus thing. I don't understand why he would offer his son to die. Should he not be protecting his son with all his worth? As a mother, it's my job to protect my daughter. I would never let any harm come to her so I don't understand it :o( So, I DO believe in God but I'm not so sure about the Jesus part.

Anyway, it is late and I'm sure baba will be up early again so I really should get some sleep. I'll be thinking of Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth again tonight - my angels can watch over them :o)


MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you! Just read your most recent comment on my blog...if you ever want to talk about my faith more personally, feel free to email me. Thanks!

Julie said...

I found your post from a comment you left at Nathan's blog. You have some good questions, and God promises that those who truly seek Him, WILL find Him. Best wishes on your journey. As far as trusting Him, the best way I can explain it: The more you know Him, you can't help but trust Him. (But you need to know Him, first!) Try reading the Bible, alone with God, and ask for His guidance. (I'd start with John) God will accept anyone into His Kingdom who will come to Him for forgiveness. That's the catch though, all our "good" deeds don't cover our sin. We NEED to be forgiven! Why would God let His son die in our place? This one's hard for me to get my brain around, but the truth is: He loves you, (and me) and everyone else so much that He was willing to do that for us. (In order to have a relationship with you, yes you!) A great little book that explains this is: He Did This Just For You by Max Lucado. (it's short, costs about $3.00). Great book, answers a lot of questions. Email me (through my profile) if you can't find it. I have multiple copies and would be happy to mail you one. Best wishes on your journey to find God. I'll be praying.